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Our Story

Our Story

Our daily changing menu represents the best of what our local markets have to offer. Our passion for sourcing fresh ingredients from farmers and suppliers we know, combining with traditional flavors and rewriting familiar recipes into exceptional cuisine is our mission and greatest joy.

Food Philosophy

One bite is more than a thousand words Cooking is a combination of art and craftsmanship. We are passionate about pampering you and your guests with handpicked dishes and drinks. Our goal is to create culinary magic moments that will remain in your memory for lifetime. We guarantee absolute freshness, we focus on regional products and the best quality of all foods. Without any compromise. This is what our team of culinary ambassadors stands for. We want to create culinary excitement on your plates. With sophisticated set menus, surprising flying menus in a casual cocktail atmosphere, with colorful buffets that leave nothing to be desired or with modern finger food creations beyond the classic sandwiches. We invite you to join us on culinary journeys around the world.

Please stay for Dinner!

We invite you to join us on a culinary journey. Our culinary ambassadors will accompany you and your guests through the multifaceted delicious cuisine. Staging small and large events. Highly individual and entirely according to your wishes. Regional, sustainable and creative. With flavors from all over the world. Look forward to hand-picked dishes of the best quality made from the finest ingredients.